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New Trends in Dog Grooming
New Trends in Dog Grooming

New Trends in Dog Grooming

It is easy to imagine that only certain breeds of dogs benefit from a professional grooming touch. Grooming for poodles, silky-haired collies or toy breeds is common. But what about the other breeds? Why is cutting dog hair important?

Importance of Cutting Dog Hair


  • Maintains Skin & Fur Hygiene

    The main reasons are to remove excess fur, painful mats, dander and shedding hair. These can cause skin irritations. It is not just tangled fur that makes mats problematic. A matted coat can lead to biting and scratching that cause a skin rash. This is known as acute moist dermatitis.

  • Prevents Skin Irritation

    Grooming your dogs has many benefits for your dog’s skin health, like preventing skin irritation from developing in the first place. Grooming will not only stimulate the skin but also can prevent matting. This will also remove pollens, burrs, grasses, and other irritants.

  • Easy Identification of Skin & Hair Issues

    Haircuts also can make it easier for us to identify skin & hair issues. While cutting the hair, you can see warning signs:

    - Hot spots
    - Rashes
    - Hives
    - Brittle coat
    - Skin irritations

    This will help you as the pet parent to stay on top of your dog’s wellness needs and have a better understanding of when to visit a vet

  • Helps Maintain Coolness in Summer

    It’s hot in the Philippines and this is why dog grooming is very important. Cutting dog hair can provide more efficient control over their body temperature, especially during summer. Hot weather can cause overheating, hence this is why a good haircut will allow excess heat to dissipate.

  • Makes Them Look Good

    Removing undercoats, fur combing and brushing help keep dogs more comfortable. Not only to make them more comfortable during shedding and hot seasons, but hair cut makes them look good! Spruce up your pooch's look with a DIY dog bow tie to give them a snazzy appearance.

    So, it is time for you to bring your lovely canine to your favorite groomer to get the best dog hairstyle! Remember when a trip to the groomer meant a bath, haircut, brushing and a paw-dicure? Thanks to a range of newer options and services, things have changed. You can also learn to do some basic groom your dog at home!


    The Best Hairstyles for Dogs

Get a hairstyle that suits your dog's name, personality, and of course, their appearance! Take a look at our curated list of dog hairstyles below.

  • Teddy bear cut

    The Teddy Bear Cut is one of the cutest dog hairstyles! Your pal will emerge like a bear cub! Not only is cute, but this dog-style haircut will also keep more hair around your dog’s face than the body.

    This style is also perfect for curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Curly fur is more prone to tangles, that’s why regular trims can keep the skin and coat healthy.

  • Top Knot

    This hairstyle is very practical and usually seen in long-haired dogs, like Lhasa Apso, Maltese, and Shih Tzu. Your furball friend’s hair on the head is gathered and secured with a band or clip, making a sort of ponytail. Hence, this hairstyle will keep the flowing hair off their eyes and keep their fur free of moisture while they’re eating and drinking.

  • Kennel cut

    This dog grooming style suits any breed that requires grooming. This cut keeps the length of the hair the same throughout the body. It’s also easy for a busy dog parent to maintain this hairstyle.

  • Lamb cut

    Curly fur is the best as you can play with so many dog hairstyles, including Lamb Cut. This hairstyle involves cutting shorter hair around the torso and trimming the hair around the chin.

    This hairstyle is also perfect during colder seasons, as the extra fur on their legs will keep their limbs warm.

  • Lion cut

    This is one of the cutest dog hairstyles! This haircut will make your cute dog resemble a lion’s mane. Though, only certain dog breeds can pull off this style which involves shaving, trimming, and leaving the tip of the tail furry.

    Fun fact, this hairstyle was popularized during the 17th century, Portuguese Water Dogs were given these trims to make them more functional in the water.

  • Poodle cut

    Though the name is Poodle Cut, this dog grooming style is not only for poodle breeds! This style is perfect for breeds with curly hair, keeping them looking bouncy and fresh! Ideally, this is suitable for pet parents who are willing to keep the style looking fresh on the regular.

  • Summer Cut

    It’s always summer in the Philippines and it is good to trim up the dog’s fur to keep them cool during the hot weather. Summer Cut is perfect for those who have heavy, thick fur, like Goldendoodles, Poodles, Newfoundlands, and Saint Bernards. This dog-style haircut will make them stay comfortable and cool.

  • Neaten

    Want to keep it simple and practical? Neaten style requires very little effort, although it can make a huge difference in a dog’s appearance.

    Groomers use clippers to clean up the fur around the feet, face, privates, and skirts. This style is also perfect for Schnauzers that have beards that need regular cleanup.

  • Shaved

    Coats are very important for dogs, hence shaving their dog’s entire body. In some cases, small-scale shaving is required to get rid of specific areas.

  • Schnauzer Cut

    Like its name, this style is the most familiar with Schnauzer. Groomers will cut the fur short across their belly, body and tail, and up their neck. They usually will cut the hair on their head and leave the beard. Super cute!

  • Clean Face

    Dogs with longer fur can often cover their eyes and entire face. Don’t worry, you can ask the Groomers for the Clean Face style. This cut leaves some fur on the head but gives room around the mouth and nose. This style will make them comfortable, especially for dogs who like to sniff anything!

    Today's fashion-savvy dog groomers are going far beyond yesterday's basic services. In our fashion-forward world, well-primped pooches can walk out of the grooming salon more colorful than they walked in. In some cases, they can even have a different dog grooming style!

    Here's a quick look at some of the avant-garde add-ons some groomers offer.

  • Colorful Highlights

    Vibrantly colored chalk is used on small areas of a dog to create bold statements in some very unnatural hues. This coloring is temporary and washes out easily — so you may not want to have this procedure done on a rainy day!

  • Dreadlocks

    Your dog doesn’t have to be a Puli to sport a coat filled with dreads. Look around your neighborhood and you may find dread-ed Poodles and a groomer willing to give your long-haired dog a Rasta look!

  • Stenciled Designs

    Imagine how your pooch would look proudly wearing your favorite team's logo, a holiday design, or a fun decorative image. Stenciled designs are like tattoos for dogs, but this technique uses nontoxic colors that wash off, making them safe, fun and temporary.

  • Feathers, Jewels & Nail Polish

    The list of potential adornments gets longer and longer for the more extroverted pooches and their fashion-conscious parents. Your pet can have color from her toes to her feathered ears. And who could resist the sparkle of temporarily attached crystal-like jewels shining through her fur?

  • Square & Round Faces

    If your fashion sense is anything but square, see how your dog’s face fur looks when it’s cut in a square or round shape. This hair-cutting technique is a big hit in Taiwan, which means you could be the first in your local dog park to shake things up with a new and striking look.

  • Coloring Your Dog: A Word of Caution

    You may have seen dogs that have been colored from head to tail. This type of dye job goes far beyond the simple plus-ups described above. If you do consider coloring your entire dog, don’t attempt it at home. Have a professional groomer do it — and make sure the groomer uses nontoxic dyes and has a proven track record of safety and quality. Remember: Human hair dye is NOT for dogs. And homemade color elixirs can be dangerous to your dog’s sensitive skin.


  • What haircut is best for my dog?

    Before deciding on one haircut for your furry best friend, you could identify their natural fur type, whether it is curly or very long hair. Talking about it to the groomer will help you decide as well.

  • Do dogs get embarrassed after a haircut?

    Some dogs do feel embarrassed after a haircut. The others can feel insecure due to the drastic change! This is why it’s critical to pick one perfect dog hairstyle that is suitable for the breed and hair type.

  • How do you groom an uncooperative dog?

    Some dogs can be uncooperative. You can try building up the grooming time slowly. Start by brushing them every morning and before going out for a walk. It’s essential to keep them calm.

  • How do groomers keep a dog still?

    To keep your dog still, groomers use a non-slip surface such as grooming tables and bathtub to help the dog stands still and steady.

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