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Cesar® Chicken Dog Food

There are different kinds of chicken flavored dog food on offer simply because dogs love chicken so much! The alluring aroma of the succulent chicken chunks is utterly irresistible.

Aside from the pleasure, chicken dog food has many health benefits. Chicken is a healthy source of protein for your fluffy friends. Chicken is lean meat, so it can supply the protein necessary for building and replenishing muscle mass, while keeping the calorie count low. Protein is an essential source of energy for active dogs as well.

What’s more, chicken is packed with Omega 6 fatty acids that help promote healthy skin and shiny coat, while essential amino acids along with glucosamine found in chicken dog food help ensure strong bones and joints.

Now that you know the many perks of chicken, let’s make any moment special with Cesar chicken wet dog food. With our unique recipe of tender chicken meat and tasty gravy, your doggos will be waiting so earnestly for mealtime every day!

At Cesar®, we know what dogs love. That’s why our chicken wet dog food comes in many variations to suit all dogs’ preferences. Cesar® Classic Tray Chicken & Cheese, for example, is made with real meat and cheese that will entice even the picky eater’s taste buds.

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