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Carefully prepared with responsibly sourced, natural ingredients, each recipe on the Cesar menu is developed to ensure it gives your dog everything they need for a healthy, happy life. Our recipes are then gently cooked to lock in freshness, taste and nutritional goodness, and beautifully presented in trays and pouch.

Cesar® Naturally Crafted

Cesar® Naturally Crafted

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Pamper your pooch with the nutritious enjoyment that is Cesar® Naturally Crafted. Made with natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, it’s like prepared by a chef! Your dog will lick his bowl clean with this complete and balanced meal.

Cesar® Classic Tray

Cesar® Classic Tray

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Love them back with Cesar® Classic Tray, the home-inspired recipes that dogs all over the world fall in love with. Made with meat as #1 ingredient and added vegetables, the irresistible flavor combination will make your dog wag his tail for more.

Share the Joy of Cesar®’s Premium Dog Food

Shared joy is a double joy, so why not share the joy of Cesar®’s premium dog food with your furry friends? At Cesar®, we put our heart and soul into making high quality dog food for your pooch. Here are the things that set us apart.

  • High quality ingredients

    We carefully source each and every component of our ingredients, from tender meat to vegetables. This is to ensure that the authentic taste of the ingredients shine through, and that your fur babies get only the best of the best.

  • Gourmet recipes

    Using high quality ingredients isn’t the be-all and end-all of premium dog food. It’s how we cook them that makes all the difference! That’s why our team works their magic like a chef – putting together all the ingredients with tasty gravy to make the most mouth-watering gourmet meals ever!

  • Rich & balanced meals

    The richness of flavor and texture is not the only reason we insist on using morsels of real meat in our quality dog food. Another reason is that real meat can provide more nutrients and vitamins. With Cesar®’s nutritional dog food, your fur balls will stay happy and healthy at the same time!

  • Easy to digest

    Made with quality ingredients, our premium dog food is easily digestible, so your dog’s body can absorb all the vitamins and nutrients. What’s more, Cesar®’s premium recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO, so you can rest assured that your furry friends are getting what is needed for them to grow up strong.

  • Why is Cesar® dog food better?

    Cesar® dog food is made with carefully sourced ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to meet the dog nutritional profile set up by AAFCO. That’s why our high quality dog food can help keep your fur balls happy and healthy at the same time. 

  • What makes Cesar® dog food taste so good?

    Our gourmet canine cuisine is made with tender meat and healthy vegetables in tasty gravy (of course, the recipe is a secret!). With a variety of flavors on offer, even the pickiest eater will gobble our premium dog food down in a matter of minutes!

  • How many types of products does Cesar® have?

    At Cesar®, we strive to make the most delicious gourmet meals for all dogs. There are 2 types of products to choose from depending on your furry friend’s preference and for your convenience.

  • What kind of flavors does Cesar® have in their dog food

    We are second to none when it comes to the variety of flavors! Check out our culinary flavors below:


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