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A menu of our finest jelly and gravy recipes from Japan, containing carefully sourced, gently cooked in their pouch for locked-in freshness for your everyday meal.



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Share the Joy with Cesar® Pouch Food

Keeping our beloved dogs healthy and happy is a priority. Hence, every parent wants to feed their dogs the best food. Feeding our fur baby sometimes could be hard with all of the schedules and activities we have. This is why mealtimes also need to be convenient for us. 

To help you out, Cesar® Pouches come in a variety of flavors and provide comfort for dog parents. Cesar’s dog wet food in pouches is delicious semi-moist food that even the pickiest eater will like. As well as appetizing them, pouches keep dog food fresh for longer. Dog food in a pouch also allows for moisture which enhances the palatability of Cesar®’s Pouches. That’s why Cesar’s dog food pouch is great to add moisture to dry food or even use as a food topper.

Dog wet food in pouches also allows you to travel with your furry friends conveniently as Cesar® Pouches are light and compact, providing convenience to store. 

  • How many wet food pouches should a dog have a day?

    It depends on your dog’s size and how you are going to feed them. You can feed your fur baby 3 ½ pouches a day for a dog with 5kg, 6 pouches for a dog with 10kg, and 8½ pouches for a dog with 15kg.

  • How do I serve wet dog food in pouches?

    You can serve wet dog food in pouches only to enhance palatability. But you can also add a pouch of dog food to dry food as moisture or even use it as a food topper. 

  • Why are Cesar’s wet food pouches good?

    Cesar dog food pouch contains more moisture than kibbles or dry dog food. Hence, the high-water content in it ensures your fur baby has sufficient water intake for their bodies. Also, a dog food pouch can keep the food fresh longer and has compact packaging which will allow you to travel and store them conveniently. 

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