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Dog Grooming & Styling At Home
Dog Grooming & Styling At Home

Dog Grooming & Styling At Home

Have you ever thought of when the last time you checked on your furry baby's skin health was? It is crucial to do a check-up regularly and talk to your vet. You could also do the fast scanning on their skin at home. Dog grooming doesn't only help your dog look and feel his best and allows you to examine your dog's coat, teeth, eyes, ears, skin, and even nails for signs of problems.

There are so many benefits of good grooming at home. Besides, it is speedy and easy to do.

Benefits of Dog Hair Grooming


  • Improved hygiene & odor

    Grooming can improve your dog's hygiene and odor. Grooming makes your dog feel and look fresh and allows you to play and cuddle with them comfortably.

  • Helps detect skin & health issues

    Dog grooming consists of several steps to help the process less fussy and easier. Brushing the coat, shampooing, and brushing your dog's teeth help you to look closer at any symptoms of unusual changes on their skin, oral health, and overall health issues.

  • Prevent lousy posture

    Long nails that hit the ground can force the foot and leg structure. This condition can lead to arthritis and ongoing pain. If left untrimmed, your dog's claws can curve under its paws, resulting in pain during walking.

  • Dematting

    Grooming allows you to take some more time to dematting. This process involves releasing the mats using dematting tools and products.

  • Healthy & shiny coats

    Regular styling and grooming will make your fur babies feel fresh and healthier and have shiny coats.

    While professional grooming can save you time and energy and gives you the opportunity to give your dog a hairstyle, you could also do it at home. How to groom a dog at home?


At-Home Dog Grooming Steps

It is relatively easy to do at-home dog grooming and dog styling. A simple dog grooming at home usually starts with brushing the coat with a smooth brush especially after giving your dog a bath. Brushing will make it easier to untangle. So, how to groom dog at home? Here are the steps you can follow to achieve perfect dog styling and dog grooming at home.

  • Ear Cleaning

    So, how to groom your dog at home? Where to start? We suggest you begin with ear cleaning. Clean the outer part of the ear utilizing a cotton swab soaked in mineral oil. Do not worry if you don't have it at home. You can also use a damp cotton cloth. One thing to remember, avoid pushing anything into their ears.

  • Eye Cleaning

    The next step of how to groom your dog at home is eye cleaning. Sometimes, dogs have some stains. Clean it with a wet cotton ball. Always consult your vet if there are other unusual symptoms in their eyes.

  • Tooth Brushing

    Just like us humans, oral health is vital for dogs. Frequent teeth brushing is crucial to prevent tartar buildup. Use a special toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs. Brushing a dog's teeth could be challenging, primarily when they are not used to it. Simple training like rubbing his teeth and gums with your finger could help.

  • Coat Brushing

    As stated before, coat brushing is one of the essential steps in dog styling and grooming. Brushing can prevent painful hair mats and remove dirt and debris. Coat brushing also distributes natural oils that help your fur baby's coat, and skin is healthy.

    It is best to avoid using a human hair brush. Choose the ones designed for a dog's coat. You can also choose many kinds of brushes, depending on your dog's hair. Choose a soft bristle brush for short-haired dogs and a pin brush for those with very long coats.

  • Nail Care & Trimming

    Your furry friend's nails must be kept short to prevent awkward and painful walking. You can use a specially designed nail clipper for dogs. Trim only the ends of the nails to avoid cutting them too short.

  • Bathing

    While bathing your dog, use a mild shampoo formulated for dogs. Most dogs are not a fan of water. Preparing a tub or basin is best to avoid slippery floors and ensure your dog's safety. After scrubbing and lathering mild shampoo, rinse your dog thoroughly with a towel and blow-dry if necessary.


What Not To Do While Grooming Your Dog

Apart from the grooming and dog styling tips above, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Here are the Don'ts you need to remember to keep your dog healthy and safe.

  • No usage of human hair products

    Are you running out of dog shampoo at home? Do not use human haircare products for your furry babies. Whether it is human shampoo, conditioner, soap, bubble bath, or especially toothpaste, many contain xylitol, which is toxic to your furry friends.

  • Avoid nail clipping or hair trimming without proper technique

    It is excellent to clip their nails or cut their hair at home. But only if you know the correct technique and have the dog nail clippers. Wrong methods could lead to clipping the nails too short and cause extreme pain and even bleeding.

    If you don't have the proper tools, please go to a vet or let a professional handle it. Professional groomers have the proper tools and knowledge to groom your dogs, especially around sensitive areas, safely.

  • Contact vet in case of injuries

    If you notice any injuries, sores, lacerations, and wounds on your dog, do not attempt to treat them yourself at home. Call and see a vet.

  • Consult the vet before removing foreign objects from any part of the body

    Always consult a vet first if you notice any foreign objects in your dog's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, paw pads, or anal. Please do not remove them yourself.

    Additionally, do not express your dog's anal sacs yourself. Consult with your groomer or vet for your dog's safety.


  • How often should you groom your dog?

    Every dog is unique, and so are your dog's grooming needs, depending on its coat's length, texture, and density. Another aspect to consider is the environment and climate. When sweltering, you may have to groom more often to keep them fresh and comfortable.

  • How long does a full dog groom take?

    The size of your furry friend and the coat type plays a significant role. Apart from that, your dog's behaviour also plays a massive role in determining how long it will take. A professional groomer could take up to 4 hours. You might need a lot longer to do full dog grooming at home.

  • Is it easy to groom your dog?

    It depends on the dog's breed, size, coat type, and behavior. However, in this article, you can follow our grooming guidance to achieve perfect dog styling and grooming at home.

  • How do I keep my dog calm during grooming?

    To achieve a safe and accurate cut, it is important to keep your dog calm and comfortable during full dog grooming. Make sure your dog feels secure in your hands, and let them familiarize themselves with the equipment. You can also use treats to reward them after the grooming process.

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