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Cesar® Turkey Flavor Dog Food

Mention of turkey—especially Thanksgiving turkey—brings to mind the joy and delightfulness of the season. Like human, dogs love turkey for its enticing smell and juicy meat are too heavenly to resist.

Having said that, it is best not to share Thanksgiving turkey or deli turkey meats with your doggos, as the high amount of fat, salt, and other seasonings can cause several health issues, ranging from upset stomach to pancreatitis.

However, fully cooked, unseasoned turkey dog food without skin or bones can be a healthy source of protein for your fur babies. Similar to chicken, turkey contains only a small amount of fat, making it a great option for overweight dogs or dogs that want to maintain a healthy weight.

Turkey dog food also provides your pups with essential amino acids that help promote overall good health. Moreover, many vitamins and minerals are found in turkey, such as vitamin B6 & B12, niacin, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus.

If you want to pamper your pooches with turkey dog food, consider choosing a ready-to-eat turkey wet dog food like Cesar® Naturally Crafted Australian Turkey. Our signature recipe is made with high quality ingredients to ensure maximum nutrition and palatability, so you can turn every meal into Thanksgiving meal for your dogs without the health concern.

  • What are the ingredients in Cesar® turkey dog food?

    Cesar® turkey dog food is crafted with carefully sourced ingredients including turkey, chicken, lamb, carrots, green beans, and herbs. The aroma and taste of these quality ingredients combined are irresistible! It is also added with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help keep dogs healthy.

  • Will my dog like turkey flavored dog food?

    Highly possible! Turkey flavored dog food has a unique aroma and taste that make dogs drool, and it’s even better at Cesar® because our carefully sourced vegetables and herbs complement the tender turkey meat very well. Just peel off the lid and let your pups be the judge!

  • Is turkey good for dogs?

    If your dogs aren’t allergic to turkey, then yes. Turkey is dense with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, so it offers many health benefits for dogs. Just make sure to feed your fluffy friends with unseasoned turkey or choose the easier choice like pre-made turkey wet dog food.

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