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Premium meals, made with natural ingredients, carefully sourced and lovingly crafted into protein rich with nutrient dense vegetables, providing everything your dog needs to help stay happy and healthy!



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Lovingly crafted with natural ingredients, Cesar® Naturally Crafted is the best way to share moments of joy with your furry friends. But what does natural dog food mean? Let’s find out.

All natural dog food is made with ingredients derived from animals, plants or mineral sources that occurred naturally and have not been processed chemically. Also, to be classified as natural dog food, the food must not be added with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And of course, all these qualities can be found in Cesar® Naturally Crafted!

Health Benefits of Natural Dog Food

  • Easily digestible

    Natural dog food has high protein content and no chemical substances. Therefore, it is easy to digest, and your dog’s body can better absorb all essential nutrients and vitamins.

  • Healthy

    Healthy food intake results in a healthy body, and this is what all natural dog food can do for your pawed pals. The natural goodness can help boost energy levels and strengthen the immune system.

  • Less allergies & skin issues

    One of the most common causes of allergy among dogs is food, especially processed food with chemicals. Thus, dog food with natural ingredients can reduce the chance of allergic reactions and skin conditions.

What Sets Cesar® Apart

  • Unique flavors

    Cesar®’s culinary recipes offer unique flavor combinations that will keep your dogs wagging their tails happily. If you don’t believe us, just pop open Cesar® Naturally Crafted and let your fur balls be the judge!

  • Carefully sourced ingredients

    Our dog food with natural ingredients is made with carefully sourced tender meat and healthy vegetables with added vitamins and minerals, making it a deliciously complete and balanced meal for all dogs.

  • Specially crafted in Australia

    Cesar® all natural dog food is proudly made in Australia with flavors from the land down under, such as Australian Turkey and Australian Beef.

  • How to feed Cesar® Naturally Crafted to my dog?

    Our natural dog food comes in a convenient tray packaging, so you can just peel off the seal and serve your fur balls straight away. You can also serve it as a dry food topper or mix it with kibbles.

  • How many flavors does Cesar® Naturally Crafted range have?

    There are 3 flavors of Cesar® gourmet natural dog food that your canine companions can enjoy:

  • Will my dog like natural dog food?

    You won’t know until you try! Natural dog food usually highlights the real taste of the ingredients, and since our #1 ingredient is meat, there’s very little chance that your furry friends won’t like the taste of meat.

  • Which natural ingredients are best for dogs?

    The best natural ingredient for dogs is real meat, which is a source of quality protein used for muscle maintenance and energy boost. Vegetables are also great natural ingredients for dogs because they have vitamins, which help promote healthy bodies and strong immunity.

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