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Cesar® Fish Flavour Dog Food

Although it’s more widely known that cats love fish, fish flavor dog food can be a joy for dogs, too!

Fish dog food can benefit your canine companions in many ways, for example, fish can provide them with low-fat protein, which is used for energy and muscle maintenance. Fish is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

There are many types of fish that are safe for dogs, such as salmon, white fish, herring, cod, etc. If you’re preparing fish dog food at home, be sure to choose small, young fish as they are less likely to have high mercury levels.

However, if you’re not so sure about choosing fish or just don’t have the time, simply go for Cesar®’s fish wet dog food. Our fish flavour dog food is formulated with carefully sourced fish and tasty gravy that will turn mealtime into bonding time right away!

  • How many fish flavor dog food does Cesar® have?

    Cesar® fish dog food is made with tender fish and healthy vegetables. Your pups can savor the deliciousness from our premium fish based dog food, Cesar® Chicken Meat with Surimi and Vegetables in Jelly.

  • Will my dog like fish flavour dog food?

    Sure! Fish tantalize dog’s taste buds in the best way possible, and it is even more so with Cesar®’s fish wet dog food that is made with tender fish, fresh vegetables, and irresistibly yummy gravy! Your pups will wag their tails for more!

  • Is fish good for dogs?

    Fish dog food is a good source of protein for dogs. It supplies energy and promotes muscle maintenance. Fish is also considered hypoallergenic. If your dog is allergic to beef or chicken, you can try feeding them fish flavor dog food. Just make sure to consult a veterinarian beforehand.

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