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A Guide On Bathing Your Dog
A Guide On Bathing Your Dog

A Guide On Bathing Your Dog

We all know it could get tricky to bathe a dog. Some dogs don’t have a smell and require bath time only once every 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile, some dogs could be smelly even only after days since the last bath time. But, regular bathing has many health benefits for your furry friend.

Benefits of Bathing Dogs


  • Cleanliness & odor removal

    You will know when it’s the right time for a bath when your dog is getting smelly. With some great-smelling dog shampoo, bathing can keep your dog’s hygiene. But, make sure to avoid putting shampoos on some spots, such as ears, eyes, and nose.

  • Coat Softening

    Dog bath with moisturizing dog shampoo is very important to keep your dog’s coat soft and shiny. You can add some coconut oil or any other natural conditioners after bathing your dog to maintain the silkiness and fur moisture.

  • Lower shedding

    Are you tired of vacuuming the sofa due to your dog’s shedding? A frequent bath will help lower shedding. Bathing your dog regularly, followed by brushing their hair will help your home be clean!

  • Allergy prevention or reduction

    Some pet parents are allergic to their puppy’s dead skin and fur. Dog’s fur can trap allergens, dirt and bacteria. So, washing dogs can help the dog carry fewer allergens around.

  • Monitor dog skin & fur

    Dog bath is also important to monitor your dog’s skin and fur. Washing a dog requires some time and this is the perfect moment to take a closer look at your dog.

    Check and see if there are some skin rashes, scars on their skin, fleas and mites. You also need to look at their ears, teeth and nails whether they’re normal or have some redness.

  • Strengthens bond

    While playing with your dog can strengthen the bond between you and the furry friend, bathing a dog is also a very important moment to bond with them. Try to not just clean their body, but also talk to them while checking on their ears, teeth and skin.

    You can also play with the water, making bath time more enjoyable!

How Often Should Your Dog Be Bathed?

There is no absolute rule as to how often you should do a dog bath. It depends on some factors, such as:

  • Coat Type

    The dog’s coat type plays a big role when it comes to how to bathe the dog and how often they require baths.

    Dogs with shorter hair do not need often bathing. While hairless breeds, like Chinese Crested and Xoloitzcuintli, require weekly baths. Meanwhile, long-coated breeds, like Maltese and Collie need more frequency of the bath.

    Though, some long-haired breeds such as the Puli, are not bathed so often, because they do not develop typical doggie odor.

  • Size

    Another factor that plays a big role in terms of dog bath frequency is the size. The bigger they are, the more frequent baths they need.

  • Lifestyle

    Active lifestyle dogs usually have shorter coats. Hence, it is easier to keep the dog clean in-between baths. You can also rub down the coat with a damp washcloth to remove the dirt that was picked up after playing around outside the house, like a dog park, where they would have socialized with other dogs.

  • Health conditions

    Health conditions are also one of the most important factors in terms of bath time frequency. If your dog has a health condition, your groomer or veterinarian may suggest you use medicated shampoo during your dog bath session. So, make sure you understand your canine’s health conditions and consult with a vet.

    Bath time doesn’t have to be a chore for you or your dog. These six steps will make brushing, shampooing, washing and drying easy — and even a little fun.


Steps to Bathe Your Dog


  1. Choosing a Bathing Spot

    Generally, little dogs are easier to bathe than larger dogs. You can even bathe them in a laundry room or kitchen sink. Of course, when weather permits, you can always bathe your dog outside in a washtub or even in the driveway.

    Choosing a bathing spot is not the only important thing to consider in terms of how to bathe a dog. Before you start bath time, gather your supplies:

    • Brush and Comb

      A brush and comb are essential supplies for washing dog moments. Especially for a routine bath. Comb and brush your dog’s fur before bathing to remove excess hair. This way, you could also check for fleas and ticks. But, if your dog is dirty after an outing session, you can juga skip this part and get right to the grooming.

      To prevent clogging drains with your dog’s hair, be sure to use a hair catcher in the drain.

    • Mild dog shampoo and conditioner

      Mild dog shampoo and conditioner are very important to keep your skin and coat healthy and moisturized. Though, if your dog has sensitive skin, make sure to stick with an all-natural dog shampoo. You can also consult your dog’s skin health and concern with a vet

    • Towel

      A towel is essential when it comes to bath time to make cleanup and fur drying much easier. You can place a big towel on the floor, and keep one or two within your reach, to absorb excess water as much as possible.

    • Treats

      Not all furry babies love bathing time. Bathing a dog can be tiring, so make sure to take a moment and spend some more time with them to prepare whatever you need before washing dog time.

      For the dogs who do not really like water, you can give them a dog snack after bathing them as a treat.

  2. Get Your Dog Used to the Water

    How to bathe a dog that does not like water? This might be a bit tiring, but if your dog is already familiar with bath time, it’s just a matter of taking him through a proper bathing technique. If your dog is a novice, get him used to the idea of standing in the bath without water first. You could even make standing in the tub a game that earns him treats.

  3. Brush Before Wetting Your Dog’s Hair

    The mistake almost all dog owners make at one time or another is trying to wash their dog before they remove any matted or loose hair with a brush. The shampoo is a surface-cleaning agent and will only clean the dirt it can touch. By not brushing first, you’ll never wash the dirt trapped within the matted fur. You may be tightening the hair, making it harder to remove the next time you bathe your dog.

  4. Shampoo and Lather Your Dog’s Hair

    Stay away from human shampoo is the essential tip on how to bathe a dog. The pH levels are usually too harsh for a dog’s skin and can cause problems later on. Use a shampoo specific to your dog’s skin condition. Ask your vet to recommend a good-quality tearless shampoo. Except for medicated shampoos, you should feel free to dilute the shampoo; it will lather easier and last longer.

  5. Wash Your Dog

    Are you still confused about how to bathe a dog? You could start by wetting the dog all over, leaving his head, face and ears for later. Shampoo his hind legs and tail, and be sure to wash the “you-know-where” parts. Continue by shampooing the body, chest and front legs.

    Using extra care, wet the head, face and ears. Cup your hands over his ears to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Lather these areas with care because even tearless shampoo is uncomfortable in the eyes.

    Rinse thoroughly, and when you think you’ve done a good rinse job, rinse and rinse again.

  6. Dry Your Dog

    The last step on how to bathe a dog is drying. After you finish washing your dog, quickly wrap him in a towel.

    To keep your dog from getting a chill, wrap a blanket around him and towel-dry every part of his body.

    If you can get an extra pair of hands to help, do so. Every little bit helps. All it takes is a splash of water, a dab of shampoo and a lot of tender loving care to get your dog smelling fresh. That is until he discovers the mud puddle next door...

    The next step is to know how to groom your dog at home!


  • Should I give my dog a bath or shower?

    Giving a regular bath is essential to keep your dog healthy. Baths help remove visible dirt, especially after a happy walk. Bathing them also keeps your dog’s coat clean, healthy and free from parasites.

  • Can you let your dog air dry?

    No. Air drying your dog after showering can make fungus grows between their paw pads, legs, and torso. Air drying can also make their fur matted, especially if your dog has long hair.

  • What is the best time to give a dog a bath?

    Generally, you can bathe your dogs every other week with gentle shampoo. Though, of course, bathing is required when their fur is dirty, especially after they play around in the rain or in the mud.

  • Do dogs feel good after a bath?

    Yes, dogs can even go crazy after a bath! This is because they feel relieved and happy. 

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