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How To Socialize Your Dog
How To Socialize Your Dog

How To Socialize Your Dog

Along with the warmer weather of spring comes more time outside, more walks, and frankly, more strangers. But that doesn’t mean every meeting has to be a hassle. Here are four ways to have stress-free meetings all spring long.

Prepare Beforehand

The most important part of a worry-free meeting is to make sure you prepare your pup before they even meet the stranger. If you know your pooch has reacted aggressively to strangers before, make sure to keep him in a separate room, or in the yard, when new people come over. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your guests, too. Reassure your friends that your pup is well-behaved, and make sure that guests with allergies know your pup’s breed, and if he sheds.

Love at First Bite

Once your guests have arrived, be sure to soften their first meeting with your dog by asking your guests if they’d like to give your dog a treat. Be sure they offer it by extending their palm flatly, letting your dog walk up on his own to take it. Also, remember to tell your guests not to stare into the eyes of your pup because he may see that as a challenge.

Pet with Purpose

We all know that giving a pup a friendly pet is a simple way to bond. However, alert your guests to avoid touching the top of your dog’s head during their first meeting, as dogs may see this as a sign of dominance. Also, be sure your guests speak with a pleasant voice, as your pup can sense both fear and confidence in a person’s voice, which may spark a reaction from your dog.

Know Your Pet

The easiest way to ensure a worry-free meeting is to know your pet. Be sure not to let strangers pick up or cuddle with your pup if your pet doesn’t like this kind of attention. And if your pooch prefers his own quiet space, keep your guests away from that area.

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