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Do Dogs Like Hugs?
Do Dogs Like Hugs?

Do Dogs Like Hugs?

Getting warm hugs and cuddles from your furry buddy can heal your stress in a jiffy. Humans often find comfort in spreading their arms around their four-legged angels. One of our most common instincts to show love revolves around hugging and cuddling, but do dogs like being hugged?

Well, no. Your canine’s idea of showing love is very different from an average human’s. Although hugging your dog calms you down, this gesture might cause a lot of stress to them. Dog behavior experts believe hugging is not a spontaneous or instinctive love language for dogs. Hence, getting dog hugs can become extremely difficult during the initial days or from a stranger’s pet. But even though you and your pooch have a different love language, it doesn’t mean you cannot express it to one another. In fact, this article will guide you on how to ease your way into getting affectionate dog hugs.

Why do dogs hate hugs?

Your dog may not be the biggest fan of being embraced and no it doesn’t have anything against you. It simply isn’t a canine love language. how your dog shows affection is quite different from ours. So, let us see it this way, dogs are territorial animals and engulfing them in a close embrace is getting into their personal space.This means while you hug your pooch out of affection, it sees this act of love as a threat. But do dogs understand hugs?

Well, yes and no. Dogs get stressed thinking they are being attacked when you try to hug them, but over time they may ease into the idea of getting hugs from their pet parents. However, they might still not be open to getting a gentle squeeze of love from strangers. Closing the mouth, tense expression, and holding the ears back are some essential signs to look for in your dog's body language when you hug your pet. If the dog shows any of the aforementioned signs, release them from the embrace.

Tips to train your dog to tolerate hugs

We so far know that dogs are not big fans of giving or receiving hugs, but they do have their unique ways of displaying affection. Popularly known as a man’s best friend, dogs are always delighted to be around their pet parents.

If you have a dog, you must have seen your pet jumping, wagging its tail, sniffing, licking, and trying to put its paws all over you as soon as it senses your presence. These actions indicate your pet’s comfort and love towards you. Experts also believe you can train your canine friend to tolerate hugs.

Try these tricks to ease your fur baby into accepting gentle embrace:

  1. Sit next to your dog and carefully wrap an arm around its shoulder.
  2. Use words of affection to ease them.
  3. Reward them with a treat once they relax or if they respond by leaning towards you.
  4. Gradually try to wrap both arms around them and appreciate them for every affirmative response.
  5. Practise this frequently and train them to accept hugs.

Following these tips may eventually lead to your pet accepting hugs from you. However, you need to remember that your furry friend might still not be okay with getting hugs from your friends and acquaintances.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do dogs know when you hug them?

    Sadly, the answer to this question is no, they do not understand hugs. Dogs feel either feel trapped or attacked when we try to wrap our hands around them for a quick and affectionate cuddle.

  • Why do dogs hug you with their paws?

    Dogs try to comfort their pet parents by putting their paw on them. It is a dog’s way of expressing love.

  • What is a dog hug?

    Dogs don’t hug like humans. However, wagging their tail, sniffing, and putting paws on you are some of the many actions equivalent to a dog hug.

  • Why does my dog hug me and lick my face?

    Licking is a strong sign of showing affection. When dogs lick your face, they are simply trying to convey how much they love and adore you.

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